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  • Powerful community platform to empower collaboration.

  • grouplu makes it easy to manage business and social communities.

  • We are building software to help create and engage communities.

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FeaturesWhat grouplu can do for you


Give your members the information they need, all in one place. You can personalize communication without sending any emails. Seriously, STOP SPAM!

Knowledge Bases

Answer recurring questions before they are asked, give influencers a place to build and share content with the community. Think: Tag clouds!


Allow members to collaborate with like-minded individuals, exchange and discuss ideas, solve problems, and get answers. Or just post cat pictures 🙂

Member Directory

Let members connect based on interests, skills, hobbies, or professions and community interactions. Or just show off your new haircut!


Organize social and learning events, certification courses, or mixers. Let your members know what’s going on, when, and where. And there’s even a dashboard!

Requests and Surveys

Ask for opinions, validate your ideas, and crowd source. Get rid of excessive emails by automating workflows. Or vote on the coffee brand (also works with wine).

Our mission:

Just like you, we believe that people are social by nature. We believe it’s natural for people to create communities and to collaborate. We know, existing public social networks do not work for all private, dedicated communities. We want to solve that issue – try grouplu.

How are we different:

grouplu makes working with your community easier and more satisfying. Our platform engages people to a much higher degree than standard social networks because of multiple built-in functionalities.

Want to chat? grouplu!
Want to request a new chair? grouplu!
Want to sign up for an event or ask questions about it? grouplu!

Oh, and did we already mention grouplu?

Getting started with grouplu:

Too big a project, too furry and scary? Not really – we’re here to help! grouplu allows you to move your community from public social platforms, giving you ownership over a private social network, the content, and member data. The familiar interface makes grouplu instantly usable.

Our platform serves to more then

7286 Users worldwide
45 Communities
873 Mobile user
76 Weekly active users (%)

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